First HS rodeo 2021

Kids’ first high school rodeo of the year – 9-18-21

This first rodeo was not without problems for both kids, but there are a lot more rodeos this year. In this video I also...
Hali, Open Breakaway, Glen Rose TX

Hali wins Joe Beaver Open Breakaway in Glen Rose, TX

Joe Beaver produced a big calf roping last weekend in Glen Rose, Texas. Proud to say Hali won the Open Breakaway in a field...
Gabe and Speed win at Ft. Worth

Gabriel’s First Win at a Rodeo with Dad

I've had a lot of wins in my career... but nothing measured up to Gabe's and my first rodeo win together. I'm very proud...
Extreme Day 2

Extreme Finals – Day 2, Hali and Gabe Both Win a Roping

This video includes Hali and Gabe's runs from the second day of the Extreme Finals on  August 20th in Hamilton, Texas. This includes their...
extreme finals day 1

Extreme Finals Day 1 – Gabe heeling in #15 and #13

These are the kids' runs from August 19th, first day of the Extreme Finals, at the Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas. He heeled...

Working with Gabe on heeling

 Gabe is really coming along with his heeling. We have spent a lot of time on fundamentals, and the Speed Trainer has been instrumental...