Speed & Gabe, and Hali’s and runs at WCRA rodeo in Corpus Christi

Here are our runs at the WCRA rodeo in Corpus Christi. This video describes our practice, our runs and our strategies. You can read...

Speed & Gabe go to three rodeos before WCRA in Corpus Christi

Gabe and I had three rodeos last weekend before heading to Corpus Christi for the WCRA rodeo we qualified for. These are those runs.

Hali & Gabe win 5th in #14 Shoot Out

Hali and Gabe placed 5th in the #14 Shoot Out at the USTRC Finals earning them $16,000 to split.

Speed’s runs at the USTRC Finals

These are my runs at the USTRC Finals in the Open, #14, #12, #11.

Speed & Gabe’s Runs in Open & #15 at VIP in Hamilton, TX

These are my and Gabe's runs in the Open and #15 at the VIP roping in Hamilton, TX. This was a great opportunity to...

Hali Wins 2nd in 19 & Under at Joe Beaver’s Easter Roping

Hali had a great weekend at Joe's Easter roping in Glen Rose. She won the Open and won 2nd in the 19 & Under....

Speed and Gabe Qualify for WCRA in Corpus Christi

Gabe and I have been trying to qualify for the WCRA. We've been going to Ft. Worth rodeo and had some success. After the...

Hali Wins Joe Beavers Easter Roping Open – 4/16

Joe Beaver recently hosted Tie Down and Breakaway ropings in Glen Rose, Texas. These are Hali's runs from the Open.

BFI Legends Roping

These are my runs at the BFI Legends roping with both Rich and Matt. Matt and I came back high team and had to...

Speed and Gabe’s BFI Runs

Here I talk about the horses we worked on before the roping and how we chose those we rode at the BFI. This video...