Speed & Gabe Extreme Finals Open

In this video I talk about the benefit of roping fresh mulies and how helpful it is when we get to a roping with...

Speed & Gabe Win American Qualifier in Cleveland, TN

We drove a long way to this roping and it was gratifying to get the win and qualify for the WSTR and American Qualifier...

Speed & Gabe, Hali on Blaze at Ft. Worth – 9.9.22

We've been going to the Cowtown rodeo quite regularly. Gabe and I have been trying to qualify for the WCRA there. Hali took her...

Speed & Gabe win Ft. Worth with 4.03 on 9.3.22

Speed and Gabe win the Ft. Worth rodeo at northside with a 4.03 on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

Speed & Gabe win Ft. Worth rodeo – 9.4.22

Speed and Gabe win the Ft. Worth rodeo at northside on Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Speed and Gabe’s Runs WSTR in San Antonio – Open, #15, #14

Gabe and I recently went to the World Series roping at Rose Palace in San Antonio. These are our runs from that roping.

Speed and Gabe at WCRA in Salt Lake City

This video shows Gabe's and my run at the WCRA rodeo at Salt Lake City. I also discuss some mistakes I made and talk...

Gabe and I win our first Open roping, plus northside rodeo

This video covers Gabe's and my first Open roping win at the WSTR in Hamilton. We also went to northside rodeo in Ft. Worth...

Breakdown of Gabe and my first Open win together

This is an in depth breakdown of a very special weekend for me. Gabe and I won our first Open roping and two rodeos....

Mason & Gabe are the 2022 TXHS Team Roping Champions

Congratulations to Mason & Gabe for roping well and pulling off the win at the Texas High School Rodeo Finals in Abilene. They will...