Speed’s runs at American Semi-finals

These are all my runs with Gabe and Colton at the American Semi-Finals in Ft. Worth on Sunday, February 27th.

Getting ready for the American with the kids

The American is exciting for our family this year. Hali qualified for the Semi-Finals performance. She made it to the top 30 out of...

Dustin Egusquiza heads for Gabe

We are back at the Cowtown Coliseum in Ft. Worth on November 6th, where one of his heroes, Dustin Egusquiza, heads for Gabe. This...
Hali, Open Breakaway, Glen Rose TX

Hali wins Joe Beaver Open Breakaway in Glen Rose, TX

Joe Beaver produced a big calf roping last weekend in Glen Rose, Texas. Proud to say Hali won the Open Breakaway in a field...
Gabe and Speed win at Ft. Worth

Gabriel’s First Win at a Rodeo with Dad

I've had a lot of wins in my career... but nothing measured up to Gabe's and my first rodeo win together. I'm very proud...

Hali First Steer at State Finals

Here is video footage of Hali's first steer at State Finals, I talk a little bit about the game plan we had for her...

JR NFR Short go 15 and Under

Here is video footage of the JR NFR Qualifier Short Go #15 and Under at the Permian Basin Team Roping at the Outback Arena...