Speed & Gabe win Ft. Worth rodeo – 9.4.22

Speed and Gabe win the Ft. Worth rodeo at northside on Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Speed and Gabe at WCRA in Salt Lake City

This video shows Gabe's and my run at the WCRA rodeo at Salt Lake City. I also discuss some mistakes I made and talk...

Hali’s runs at WCRA in Salt Lake City

These are Hali's runs at the WCRA rodeo in Salt Lake City.

Hali’s runs at Greeley CO, Red Lodge MT and Oakley UT

Hali gives commentary on her Breakaway runs during Cowboy Christmas.

Breakdown of Gabe and my first Open win together

This is an in depth breakdown of a very special weekend for me. Gabe and I won our first Open roping and two rodeos....

Hali’s rodeo runs week ending June 26th

Hali is hitting the rodeo trail this summer. She will try to put her runs up every week. Wishing her luck!

Hali & Mom hit the PRCA rodeo trail this summer

Hali has talked Jennifer out of retirement and into hitting the rodeo trail with her this summer. She's had some success and wants to...

Speed & Gabe go to three rodeos before WCRA in Corpus Christi

Gabe and I had three rodeos last weekend before heading to Corpus Christi for the WCRA rodeo we qualified for. These are those runs.

Top 30 Runs of American Rodeo

In this video I break down our runs in the Top 30 at the American Semi Finals. This video highlights the importance of drawing...

Speed’s runs at American Semi-finals

These are all my runs with Gabe and Colton at the American Semi-Finals in Ft. Worth on Sunday, February 27th.