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Hali Wins Houston Rodeo

Hali's winter rodeos have gone very well. She qualified for the winter rodeos this year and has done well. This video covers those rodeos...

Is there a future in roping for girls?

Breaking it Down by Speed Williams – May 2023 By the time Hali was 15, she had won the USTRC Finals #11 twice and had...

Handling success and defeat

Breaking it Down - April 2023 There are many opinions about how to conduct yourself before and after a run. The other night, my daughter...

Speed & Gabe Runs at Lone Star Shootout – 2.24.23

This roping is the same format as the old George Strait roping and take 10 teams out of each rotation to go to the...

Speed & Gabe Runs at Lone Star Shootout pre-roping

This is Gabe's and my runs on the Lone Star preroping.

Speed & Gabe #13 slide at 377 Arena – 2.22.23

These are our runs from the #13 slide at the 377 Arena in Stephenville on 2.22.23.

Speed & Gabe #15 Slide at 377 Arena – 2.19.23

I had the day off so Gabe and I went to the roping at 377 Arena in Stephenville. I roped with Gabe and Rich....

All of Wesley’s runs on 2.17.23

When Wesley comes backs we'll voice over and talk a little bit about our runs. Wesley rode some of Gabes' horses. This video has...

Speed and Wesley Thorp practice

Wesley rode some of Gabe's horses and we made some full contact runs. There's a video for subscribers where I break down some of...

Speed & Gabe’s Run at American Regional Qualifier in Lexington

Gabe and I had the opportunity to qualify for the American when we roped at the Regional Qualifier in Lexington, KY. Here I describe...