Reaching Part 1 Off Your Horse


In Reaching Part 1, I break down distance and angles using diagrams. I talk about the benefits of roping on the ground and show video of some common “swinging” mistakes.


  1. Speed, thank you for this video! I’ve been working at reaching for several months, and this video has answered several of the questions that I have. The one aspect of reaching that you didn’t address is dropping the coils when you reach. This may seem to simple to address, but I would beg to differ. Being able to judge how many coils to drop; knowing when to drop them; knowing if you are actually dropping them, or are you letting the force of your thrown loop pull the coils from your hand, are a few questions I would like answered. I would also like to know if you are using a different lay of rope for reaching than you would for roping up close?


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