Speed on Handling Steers


Here is a video on handling steers and the importance of a good handle to win. I breakdown my runs at the Biggest East of the Mississippi. I show how my horse gets strong in the corner and puts the steer out of control. I breakdown in detail exactly the best handle.


  1. My respect for your teaching and training capabilities when straight up. Thank you, for you detailed,broken down step by step. Very simple to under stand with live video to see the actual thing that is need to correct the future …You did Great …. Dee Hudgins dee@deehudgins.com 281-844-1412

    Now big question is, When I come for a lesson am I going to get the same detailed broken down info or we just going to run past the detail … and to another client …now don’t get mad because I don’t know you and you don’ t know me…. so i’m ready for detail training … are you ready?

  2. LOVE watching the videos and listening to you teach. I hope I can put it into practice. I am extremely interested in attending a school. Do you have any up and coming 2021? I live in Wyoming but feel it would be of great asset to attend one no matter where it is. Nancy Irvine. 307-851-2719

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